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The market for digital cameras and digital printing is quickly progressing.

In Germany an estimated turnover of more than 8 million units sold is expected for 2005. This number equals an increase of 10 percent according to the previous year.

In the consequence of the boom in digital cameras there is a growing demand for so-called "Print On Demand" products. Private users utilise free software to create photobooks on their personal computer which are then sent to the supplier of the photobook-service. Finally the customer receives his individually designed photobook, available in hardcover or exclusive leather bind.

Ages ago a favourably priced "Book On Demand" print job was considered unthinkable. Nowadays digital printing systems like the Heidelberg Nexpress™, HP Indigo™ and Xerox Docu Color™ are able to compete with the high-quality results of offset printing.

printahead closes the gap between customer and printing works. We provide multifunctional software solutions that combine unlimited creativity for the final user and entering a new market for the printing works.

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