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easyphotobook is the first product of a collection of software solutions which printahead is going to offer for digital printers. easyphotobook is a professional software package for printing works to enter the "Book on Demand" market. It consists of the client software and the necessary tools to create the print jobs out of the order data.

The printing works share the client software for free with their customers e.g. providing a download on the website or a CD. The client installs the software on his desktop PC and is now ready to create his own photo album. Countless creative templates and a easy usage by "drag & drop" make it possible, even for unexperienced users to create their own individually designed photobook. Finally the photobooks are sent to the printing works bringing them on paper, optionally in hardcover or exclusive leather bind. An assistant helps the user handling the order process.

What it makes much easier for the printing works is the fact, that our backend-tools are able to generate the printing data automatically. This process contains receiving orders from the server, sending confirmation mails and preparing the print job as a postscript file. All process steps will be registered in a database that works together with ODBC. As this driver is available for mostly all database systems, it's the printing works' decision which database system they use organising all the tables and data.

If you want to have a look at the functions list of the client software and the backend-tools, please click on the features link in the navigation bar.

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