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Below you find a short summary of all the features our "Book On Demand" software has to offer. It is divided up into client software and backend tools. Addiditional screenshots can be found in the gallery.

We shall let you have a trial version of our software. Requests can be sent via the contact form.


  • The easyphotobook client software is available for Windows 98™, Windows ME™, Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. It performs well on older computers due to the fact that the source code is highly-optimized.
  • New software versions will be downloaded automatically from the internet using the integrated update system. We would like to point out that only new or changed files will be added.
  • A licence for the photobook software already includes more than 300 templates. It is possible to extend the software by importing the licensee's own templates.
  • A detailed help system containing lots of screenshots leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Picture preview by quick caching system makes it easy for the user to look up directories and search for certain pictures on data carriers.
  • Easy usage by drag & drop allows convenient integration of pictures and templates in the work space.
  • Real WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") display of the work space. The user gets a preview of the printed book while working on the photobook.
  • The different zoom steps of the preview function faciliate completing the project file.
  • Precise step-by-step instructions guide the user the way to order the photobook or to transmit the order file to the supplier of the service.
  • Integrated upload tool to transfer the order data via FTP to the supplier of the photobook. The FTP assistant supports aborting and continuing uploads at any time you want.
  • Integrated CD writer support to burn the order data on CD.
  • A convenient picture editor allows rotating images, defining selections as well as adjusting brightness and contrast.
  • A WYSIWYG text editor enables comfortable input of formatted text well known from word processing.
  • The text editor includes a database with more than 3000 poems and citations of famous celebrities. Just make use of the search function and look up your favourite poems and citations.


  • The client has to activate the easyphotobook software by entering a code which is generated by printahead Code. If you want to offer special partnership programs together with the photobook service, this tool generates an individual code for each partner. You have to attach this code to every order. This assures the detection of the partnership program.
  • Coupons generated with printahead Coupon are well suited for your sales campaign. The customer can deduct the bonus from the invoice amount when placing an order. You can easily create coupon codes showing a defined amount and expiry date for any partnership program.
  • The customer can choose between transferring the order data to the FTP server using an upload assistant and sending them on CD. printahead Transfer runs as a background process on the production server and manages the transfer of the incoming orders from the web server to the local production server.
  • printahead Checkin proofs all transmitted order data on errors and sends a confirmation mail to the client. Finally the appropriate printahead print job will be stored in the data base.
  • printahead Print processes all print jobs in the queue and creates their respective print files. printahead Print supports every output device that uses a windows printer driver or generates alternatively a postscript file.

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